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About RK-Access

About RK Access

In order to comply with Working at Height regulations, it is now essential to ensure that you ,the tradesperson, have the correct Access Equipment to the required legal standard, before you commence working at any height, or work in any situation where you may be at risk from falling. This is important ,not only for your own protection and safety, but also to protect others around you from unecessary injury or damage to property.

RK Access is here to enable you to obtain the correct Access Equipment manufactured to the highest specification and quality at very competitive prices.

We at RK Access have over 30 years experience within the access equipment industry, having been involved in hire, manufacture, and sales and have dealt with some of the largest access equipment users in the UK. We have long standing relationships with some of the key influencers and decision makers within the industry.

We chose to focus our product range on Youngman products, as we believe they represent the highest level of quality, safety features, and value for money in the access equipment market. Additionally the level of support available is everything you would expect from the market leading access equipment company.

It is fact that Youngman Boss tower in particular has been copied by nearly every other manufacturer in UK and more lately from abroad. Well we say, WHY BUY A COPY . We have all probably bought a copy product of some description, thinking we are saving money, and is the quality of the copy ever worth the savings. NO . However we’re not talking about saving a few pounds here and there, , we are talking about NOT TAKING A RISK WITH YOUR SAFETY, LIVELYHOOD OR EVEN YOUR LIFE, WHAT WOULD THE SAVING BE WORTH THEN?

RK Access is NOT jack of all trades, but our aim is to be master of one

We at RK Access are committed to supplying top quality products at competitive prices ,whilst at the same time offering a first class and friendly service , expert advice and support backed up with 30 years experience .